Stambul Merah Book Amulet


Stambul Merah Book Emulet
Product Name is a Stambul Merah book emulet.
Benefits and efficacies Insya Allah are for safety, protection, merciful and trading.


Stambul Merah Book Amulet

Product Name is a Stambul Merah book Amulet.
Benefits and efficacy  are for safety, protection, merciful and trading.
Size: 26x22x5 millimeters.
Image: Original Photo without Editing, Size is scaled down for easy access.
Stock of this Product: Limited Amount.
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Pictures of Stambul Merah Book Amulet

Picture has been resized without edits at all, we show the close-up photo so that you can see it without any hide the shortcomings and advantages. We prioritize the honesty and the satisfaction not only refer to the profit.

Image/Photo Copyright

The picture of Stambul Merah Book Amulet product is original photo from the Java Relic so if there is an online seller with same photo without permission, It is confirmed that the seller has committed as a theft of a Java Relic copyright photo. Please alert to the online fraud.

The Recipient of the Inheritance of Stambul Merah Book Amulet

This amulet can be inherited to your children, grandchildren, wives, relatives, friends and anyone, the process of inheritance amulet is enough if you intend in your heart with the fullest sincerity and integrity.

Price & Dowry of Stambul Merah Book Amulet

The price & dowry is very affordable not because of cheap amulet, but the important thing is we offer you this amulet by the dowry as a means of weaving friendship with you, and we do not give priority to profit only. Therefore we invite you to compare with other sellers, in terms of quality, service, price of our dowries are the best.

The authenticity of Stambul Merah Book Amulet

You no need to worry, because we provide 100% genuine, natural guaranteed, and not synthetic man made.

The Guaranteed of Stambul Merah Book Amulet

If this amulet is proven not original amulet we guarantee your money will be returned 3X Fold of your dowry that you have been paid.

The Appeal for Buyers of Stambul Merah Book Amulet

Just to make sure that we prioritize of honesty and want to weaving friendship and your main satisfaction, you should be careful and read all the information we provide, after you stabilize your heart then you can ask for the Stambul Merah Book Amulet.

Additional Information: The book of Stambul is the Original heirloom amulet which is ancient magic people mainstay, no wonder there are still many people who are looking for the amulet of the Book of Stambul Merah because of the many qualities that have been proved.

Additional information

Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 26 × 22 × 5 cm